Sweet Dreams

Stay Away Monster Spray

As a mom I know what it's like to try to get a child to sleep in their own bed! They have fears that the boogeyman or a monster is going to come out from under the bed. Their fears are real.

As a parent it breaks our heart and frustrates us all at the same time. Am I right?

Kids feel they have no control over their life including their bedtime. Stay Away Monster Spray helps make bedtime less scary by letting your fearful little one spray their fears away!

The wonderfully calming scent can be sprayed under the bed where most monsters hide, sprayed in the closet to prevent the unwanted monster guest, sprayed on the drapes so no monster dares to enter through the window. Stay Away Monster Spray promotes sweet dreams.

Stay Away Monster Spray

$12.99 bottle and $6.00 flat rate shipping. We ship only within the U.S.

6 oz. bottle
USPS delivery
3-5 days for delivery

If you need faster shipping or have questions, please email us at: stayawaymonsterspray@verizon.net.